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Monday, September 12, 2005

Washing My Hands Of It

We all know that self-tanner is safer than the sun, but it can have some pretty nasty side effects. Specifically, those splotchy orange palms. Remember that infamous pic of Lindsay Lohan? Yuck.

I had always thought that the only way to get rid of self-tan mistakes and telltale Oompa Loompa hands was to scrub your skin raw with a dry loofah.

However, my super-glamorous friend Maggie introduced me to St. Tropez Self-Tan Remover. So, after my last encounter with the fake bake, I decided to give it a try. Apply to your hands and rub vigorously--use a nail brush or other scrubber if you need to--and watch that excess tanner go down the drain. It smells a little funky (ammonia?) but definitely does the job. The key is to apply immediately after finishing your tanning job, before the product has a chance to sink into your skin.

This little miracle is $18 for a generously sized 8 oz pump bottle.