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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What's Your Fantasy, Part 4

I think the saga ends here.

Tonight I had the opportunity to sample that elusive and mysterious fragrance, Fantasy Britney Spears. At first whiff I could pick out lychee and jasmine...ok so far. Then the lab-created cupcake...interesting. Maybe a middle-schooler could wear this. But then, what's this? Is that a hint of Halls cough drop that I detect? Not sure, but I think deep down in this fragrance, something eucalyptus-like is lurking.

Overall, I was not impressed. The cupcake accord is the one that stayed with me, and I like my sweet scents to be a bit more subtle. Oh, and here's the best part...you can also purchase Work Your Magic Body Souffle, Look My Way Color Kit, and Suprizing Twist Gloss and Roll-on fragrance combo. I think I'll work my magic elsewhere...

And I promise not to post on this anymore (unless you want me to).

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