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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Angelina Jolie in a Tube

First we had Daria Werbowy in a Bottle, now we have Angelina Jolie in a Tube. The concept of bottling a celebrity is strangely appealing to me. Anyhow, on with the post!

Today I received a package from Sephora that contained (among other things, of course) a sample of Too Faced Lip Injection, yet another entry in the recent parade of plumpers. Though I reviewed lip plumpers a while back (see Plump It Up), I hadn't yet had the chance to sample Lip Injection. As such, I was quite looking forward to getting my sample tube in the mail.

Lip Injection appears translucent pink in the tube, and goes on clear. Within a few seconds of application I felt the familiar sting/tingle of most of the capsicum-based plumpers (capsicum, in plain English, is a hot pepper). My lips swelled up a bit and took on a pinkish red flush. I found the effect to be very similar to that of Philosophy's Big Mouth, though I much prefer the scent of Big Mouth over Lip Injection.

It took me a few minutes to correctly identify the smell of Lip Injection. Scentzilla, Colombina, Robin, Annieytown, Mireille, Victoria, and all you other perfume gals, this is for you: the prevalent note of Lip Injection is Red Bull. Yes, a lip plumper that smells like an energy drink. I'm not sure if this is supposed to have special energizing implications for your lips, but it makes me want a vodka to mix with it. I think I'll stick to lip plumpers that won't drive me to drink...