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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Below the Surface

As promised, I have begun collecting the items mentioned in my post from a few days ago (see Pick Up Sticks). First on the menu is a newbie from DuWop called Sub-Surface.

To begin: I love DuWop. While their best-known offering, Lip Venom isn't my favorite plumper, it certainly did spark the craze, and the other products in the line are innovative, fun and functional (I am hooked on their tinted moisturizer). Sub-Surface is one of a few new products from DuWop this season and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The main reason? I am a real sucker for any kind of double-ended product that takes care of two problems at once. They intrigue me; I can't help it.

Sub-Surface has an undereye primer on one end, and a dab-on blemish treatment on the other. The undereye primer appears slightly opaque (but goes on clear) and has a thin consistency - not quite liquid, but thinner than an eye cream. Its active ingredient is squalane, and while I will not get into the science, it is a natural ingredient derived from olives, and it has excellent moisturizing properties.

I applied the primer under my concealer for a few days, and quickly noticed a difference in the way my delicate undereye skin felt - it was smoother, less crinkly, with none of the flaking concealer bits that usually crop up by the end of the day. And - dare I even say it - after 3 days my dark circles were almost gone, which I could not believe. I barely even used any concealer this morning!

The blemish treatment is a clear gel with spot-fighting salicylic acid. To my chagrin - but with very convenient timing - a red spot decided to make an appearance this week, so I whipped out the Sub-Surface and dabbed a little on. It was effective without being too drying and, like the eye primer, didn't cause my concealer to flake or clump on top of it. (The offending spot has since been eliminated.)

Bottom line, this compact little wand is an excellent concept, brilliantly executed, and has won a permanent spot in my makeup bag! If it can make my dark circles disappear with no additional sleep required, it's a winner, friends.