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Friday, June 02, 2006

Nice Stems

While walking over to Saks over lunch earlier this week, I had a minor celebrity sighting: Wendie Malick, better known as the neurotic aging model Nina van Horn from Just Shoot Me.

At 55, she looked amazing - very skinny, very tall, very Upper East Side chic.

Beauty Addict was envious of her legs and hopes to have toned stems like that when she hits 55.

It's skirt weather now and time to buff up those gams! If yours are still looking like they should be hiding under long pants, here are some of my favorite fixer-uppers:

Michael Kors Leg Shine and Benefit Flamingo Fancy - see my previous post here

Benefit Jiffy Tan - see my rave here

And my new favorite is Smashbox Body Lights Glowing Lotion. It's sheer, smooth, never orange, and smells phenomenal, like fresh picked gardenias mixed with warm amber. Incidentally, the scent makes it a perfect complement to one of my favorite fragrances, Monyette Paris. With the combination of the tan and the scent, anyone who walks by you will think you've just gotten off a G4 from Tahiti.