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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grab Fashion Week by the Bawls

What is this oddly-named beverage, you ask?

Why, it's BAWLS Guaranexx, the Official Energy Drink of Fashion Week!

I kid you not. Bawls - a high caffeine, sugar free guarana soda - was a huge sponsor in the tents; there were people giving out free Bawls everywhere and you could not avoid it if you tried. Even if the quantities of caffeine and guarana were enough to give you a facial tic, the stuff tastes pretty good; like a Stoli-Ohranj-and-Sprite, minus the Stoli, of course. Heck of a lot better than Red Bull, which to me tastes like Too Faced Lip Injection (but I drink it anyway).

Of course, the name was fodder for many inane, puerile jokes over the course of the week in the vein of, "Oh, I'll be right back, would you mind holding my Bawls?" and "Do you want me to grab some Bawls for you?"

And this was amongst a bunch of girls. It just couldn't be helped.

So the next time you're in need of (a) a serious energy boost, and (b) a source for many inane, puerile jokes, I suggest, um, getting your hands on some Bawls.