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Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching Up With Tocca

Tocca is one of my all-time favorite candle brands...if you peek around my apartment you're likely to find at least one Tocca candle in every room (even the kitchen), and probably a few in the cabinets, too.

Despite my loyalty to the brand, though, I managed to miss a few crucial new releases:

  • Montauk Candle: What? A candle named for my favorite NY vacation spot and I wasn't there the day it hit the shelves? The Montauk candle is scented with sea grass and fresh air and will make you feel like you're standing amidst the dunes. It totally captures the windswept, salty feel of Montauk.
  • Bagno di Viaggio sets in limited edition cream and gold packaging. I suppose I should have told you about these before the holidays, but now that December has come and gone, they make lovely gifts for birthdays, hostesses or "just because." Each houses a 4 oz. shower gel, 4 oz. body lotion, and a travel size Candelina, in Cleopatra (grapefruit and cucumber, my favorite of the bunch), Stella (blood orange) or Florence (centifolia rose).

  • Mimosa Limited Edition Candle: This was the follow-up to last year's Cortina holiday candle, and it's so lovely. Who wouldn't love a candle namd for that famed combination of orange juice and bubbly? It's sparkly, citrusy, and reminiscent of champagne without being, you know, too...obvious. It's like an abstract mimosa.

Are you a Tocca freak like me? I'm a sucker for nearly anything they make, especially Havana, Tahiti, Tara, and now Montauk. And let's not forget the classic Touch. Which are your favorites?