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Monday, January 21, 2008

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet: Zoya Utopia Collection

I was sifting through nail polishes this weekend when I realized that I had the Zoya Utopia collection sitting in my beauty closet and had never given the polishes a try (I was too wrapped up in the excellent Zoya Minicure Set).

I had been reading way too much All Lacquered Up (do you read that blog? you should!) and was mesmerized by all the photos where Michelle tries a different nail color on each finger for comparison. The girl's nails are IMMACULATELY manicured and the polish always looks so perfect, you'd be mesmerized too.

So, while I never really wear colors like some of those in the Utopia collection, I decided to try each of them on a different finger before passing the more outlandish ones along to my manicurist. And the end result had me thinking that this collection should have been called New Orleans, because each of my nails looked like a shiny little Mardi Gras bead!

I admired my handiwork and went to bed, thinking that I would take the polish off in the morning. But when I awoke, I guess I was still tired, because I managed to forget I was wearing it. I decided to start my MLK holiday with a Vitamin Water, and when I gave my money to the guy at the 7-Eleven he looked at me a little funny. This guy already thinks I'm nuts, because every time I stick my right hand out for change he sees the surgical scar on my wrist, which looks like the result of a failed attempt to off myself. And he definitely noticed the crazy nails today. Oh well.

OK, so, product details? I'd definitely wear Austine and Kamilah; the others, I'm not so sure. But, I'm boring. You might feel differently! Here are the details on each shade:

  • Akyra: shimmery peacock teal

  • Irene: olive/moss green with gold shimmer

  • Juno: shimmery bright purple, looks more blue in the bottle

  • Tama: bright shimmery magenta

  • Kamilah: warm red/vermilion with golden shimmer

  • Austine: metallic antique gold (side note: does anyone remember the character Austine from the Ramona books?)
Zoya polishes are free of the "Big 3" - Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Pthalate - and are available at Art of Beauty. $6 each, or pick up all 6 shades in the Utopia collection for $34.