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Friday, January 04, 2008

Spring Collections: Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry

Yesterday we looked at the latest and greatest in Bobbi's hit palette parade, and today I've got the whole collection of pretty pink goodies for spring.

The colors in the Pink Raspberry collection pull no punches - they're pure, blue-based, cool pinks, true to their berry namesake. Perfect for those of us whose skin tends to pick up even the slightest little twinge of orange - certainly no risk of that with this collection.

My picks? The palette, of course...and the new Black Raspberry lip sheer, which looks to be on par with Clinique's legendary Black Honey shade. Another favorite is the limited edition Pink Popsicle gloss, a creamy, shiny pop of fab pink color perfect for spring. And if you're in the market for some brushes, the mini brush set arrives housed in an unassuming black case lined with that fab raspberry color (not to mention you get Blush, Eye Shadow, Lip, and Eyeliner brushes).

Details on the full collection: