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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

7 Ways To Get Bronzed Legs...Without Self Tanner

Let's face it, even the most dedicated among us occasionally slack off in the faux tan department. And while our upper bodies tend to get some natural sun from daily activities, the legs are another story. If you're going for the overall pale look, fine -- but if the rest of you is even slightly sun-kissed, letting your legs return to their original fishbelly white in the summertime is a major beauty crime.

I noticed a guest at a recent wedding with this very problem, what the Go Fug Yourself girls would call a "scrolldown fug" -- face and hair, flawless, tanned arms and chest, amazing blue cocktail dress, and then...ridiculously pale legs. It looked like someone else's legs had been attached to this poor girl's body. Seriously!

When you don't have the requisite 8 hours of alone time necessary for a serious self tan, but you need an emergency fix for an event, body bronzers are the way to go. As gross as body makeup may sound to some, it can make your legs look toned and tanned in an instant.

Remember, body bronzers are NOT self tanners, so they'll wash off in the shower and may rub off a bit on your clothes, depending on the formula. Exercise a bit of caution, and by all means stay away from white furniture. Big plus: they deliver instant color without fear of DHA reek or streaks that take days to remove.

Read more for my roundup of 7 body bronzers for your beauty emergency file.

1. MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray is a new product that you spray into your palm like a mousse, and rub into your legs like a gel. It actually feels like you're rubbing hair serum into your skin, thanks to the silicone base. Skinsheen dries in less than a minute, leaving you with a sheer, no-shimmer tan. It's transfer-resistant, and works best when you DON'T moisturize before application (don't worry about dry skin; this product is considerably moisturizing on its own). Available in 3 shades -- Medium, Medium Dark, and Dark.

2. Benefit Jiffy Tan saved my life at a November wedding a few years ago. My date sported a natural perma-tan, while I was looking mighty pasty, so I knew I had to do something about it -- and fast. Jiffy Tan is a translucent gel that looks HORRIFICALLY orange in the tube, but when blended into the skin, actually looks like a real tan. It has a tiny bit of shimmer, but not much. And transfer? None to speak of - the staying power of this one is pretty good.

3. Michael Kors Leg Shine isn't really body makeup, it's a solid stick that gives your legs a hint of shimmer and a coating of sheer bronze color. Naturally, it's scented with the original Michael Kors fragrance (tuberose). As you may have guessed from the name, it's rather shiny -- so stay away from it for work or daytime events. It's best for those times when you want to give your gams a little extra oomph in the evening. One caveat -- unlike the others listed here, it doesn't really dry, otherwise you'd lose the sheen. It's a little sticky at first, but after about an hour, feels pretty much like body oil.

4. Scott Barnes Body Bling, famously used to keep Jennifer Lopez glowing on the red carpet, is the one that started it all. The first time I tried this product, I ran screaming. It was so incredibly DARK and just looked unnatural on my skin. However, mixed with a little plain lotion, it works perfectly. Just beware, this one does have a tendency to transfer, and it packs quite a shimmery punch. For special occasions only. Put aside some cash for the dry cleaning bill the next day.

5. Benefit Flamingo Fancy -- unlike its sister product, Jiffy Tan, Flamingo Fancy is opaque and pearly. It's also considerably pinker, so may match some skin tones better. It's a little shimmery/pearly, but I've worn it to work with skirts and no one has asked if I was out clubbing the night before. Resists transfer pretty well, although if you sweat it'll start to rub off. Smells lovely and tropical.

6. DuWop Revolotion Body, the precursor to my beloved Revolotion Face, has been reformulated with SPF15 and is now even more transfer-resistant. Since this one has SPF15, it's great to wear to the beach to fake a base tan. Needless to say, stay away from the water, though, or the jig will be up.

7. Smashbox Body Lights Glowing Lotion earns major points just for the scent; it has a lovely creamy gardenia aroma that has garnered compliments all on its own! This lotion is opaque and pearly, similar to Flamingo Fancy but more bronze than pink. On my pale skin, it's a little too dark/orange on its own, but mixed with lotion it's just right. Staying power is good; I've had some smudge off on the insides of skirt hems, but that's about it. Like the Skinsheen, though, the staying power is better if you don't use moisturizer. You can achieve a sheer effect without doing so, it just requires patience and a bit of blending (for me, mixing with moisturizer is just the easy way out).