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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Chronicles of No-nia: Week 3

Recently I introduced you to the no!no!, the hair removal gadget that promises professional-grade results...over time. This is week 3 of an 8-week review and testing period.

So, my friends, last week I reported that my patience with the no!no! was wearing thin...and it was only my second week! Still, I faithfully rolled the device over my legs twice this week, followed by a quick shave.

Then things got really busy. You know, the usual "OMG no time to sleep, no time to eat" mess that happens to me periodically due to a confluence of work, blog and personal stuff. I forgot to use the no!no!, and I had no time to shave. It was a pants week!

The funny thing is, my legs didn't feel like they needed it as much as usual. Not that the hair wasn't growing back (it was, and at its usual rate), it just felt like maybe there was a little less of it was sparser. And this is exactly what the no!no! is supposed to do, reduce the density of hair.

Maybe I'm imagining things. Maybe it's wishful thinking that this little gadget is indeed working. I still maintain that it's too early to tell, hence the long-term review period. Even the materials that come with the no!no! tell you it takes time to get professional-grade results.

So far, my progress isn't enough for me to declare the no!no! a major success and recommend that you all run out immediately and drop $250 on it, but it's encouraging. We'll see what the coming weeks bring. I just need to stick with the program and use it 2-3 times a week!

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