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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cheap Thrill: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil

Now that it costs $65+ to fill my gas tank, I find myself avoiding Sephora and Neiman and perusing the aisles of my local CVS or Walgreens instead. (That's not to say I don't still enjoy a nice jar of CDLM or a new Serge Lutens, but I'm trying to keep the impulse purchases on the cheap side.)

Thus, my latest obsession is Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. The formulation is similar to the Johnson's Baby Oil Gels, which are also lovely, but what sets this one apart is the scent.

Out of the bottle it has a rather strong, and sweet, cocoa butter and almond aroma, which is just heavenly as you spread it over your skin. Within a few minutes of application it dissipates quite a bit, leaving just a trace of delicious cocoa butter scent. This is just right for a body product; you get to enjoy the full blast of scent while using it, but it mellows out enough as to not interfere with your perfume.

I've heard some complaints that this product is "too greasy," and to that I say: IT'S OIL. Oil IS grease. This is not something to be applied in palmfuls like body lotion; a little goes a long way. My favorite method is to use it on soaking wet skin immediately after a shower and then lightly pat dry. That's all you'll need to stay moisturized all day and your skin will sport an enviable, dewy glow. For $6.99, you can't get much better than that!