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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ColorOn Now Available at Sephora

A couple of weeks ago I showed you ColorOn, the pre-loaded, oval-shaped eyeshadow appliques that you stick on your lids and peel off to reveal a "done" eye. Most of you were as dubious as I was, with 77% of you saying you weren't interested.

Well, their EyeEnvy collection has just launched at Sephora, and it's worse than I thought. Besides the obvious problem of the appliques not really being suited to every eye shape, and the fact that their "disposability" rates abysmally low on the environmentally-friendly scale, there seems to be a bit of a price issue.

While the original ColorOn appliquest will cost you $30 for 20 pairs, the sets at Sephora are $25 for 5 pairs. What?!? That's $5 per application, completely ridiculous if you ask me...especially when you compare it to $1.50 per application if you buy directly from the ColorOn site. It's incredibly wasteful, from both an environmental and economic perspective.

Secondly, the Sephora colors look just as hideous as the ones I showed you last time around. Who puts that much shadow all the way up to their browbones? And one of the appliques in the "Flaunt" kit appears to use a harsh stripe of bright, nearly neon purple eyeliner with bronze shadow.

Third, Sephora gives you a handy guide for applying ColorOn, and you know what's funny? It's in black and white! Maybe someone realized how unnatural and outlandish these things actually look. It also instructs you to "use different fingers to gently tap and blend each color to your desired look."

I think I'm still in shock that Sephora decided to pick up this brand. You drop BECCA for this?