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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Unexpected Use For the Chocolate Orange...I Mean Tawaka "The Ball"

Remember the recent discussion about that bizarre little bath product, Ojon Tawaka "The Ball?" Well, it works as a scrub, and most certainly as a conversation piece, but last week I discovered a new and unexpected use for it.

You see, my poor legs were covered in dozens and dozens of excruciatingly itchy mosquito bites. Day and night, they required near-constant application of Caladryl, the Benadryl stick, alcohol, hydrocortisone, and at the really low points...scotch tape, Purell, and clear nail polish.

Nothing helped for more than a few minutes.

And they itched terribly in the shower, even with the hot water running over them. Before unleashing my fingernails on them yet again, sure to rip my legs to shreds even further, I spied The Ball sitting there in my bathroom. Can't hurt, I figured.

And you know what? It provided some pretty sweet relief, if only for a moment! The scrubby bits effectively scratched the itch, and no matter how hard I pressed, the Ball wouldn't cause the skin to break. I was able to avoid a bloodbath (quite literally) but still satisfied the urge to scratch.

So, a rather marginal use for The Ball, but I continue to be impressed by it, if only for its novelty factor. Love it!