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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cheap Thrill: The Best Nail Buffer In the History of Mankind

A while back I blogged about my outlandish wrist surgery prep regime, which included a date with a bottle of self-tanner, and a serious encounter with a nail buffer.

Recall this line: "My nails were so shiny that they looked like they were sporting two coats of clear polish (polish not being allowed, of course, since my hand was being operated on)."

It's true! My nails SHONE, friends. And the buffer I used to get this result was the EzFlow Pro Shine, which can be had for about $3 at beauty supply stores like this one.

This buffer is nothing short of amazing. The "rough" side can barely even be called rough; it's very fine and manages to even out the surface of the nail without leaving scratch marks or wearing it down too much. And the other side? Incredible, incredible results.

The flip side of this buffer/shiner feels and looks somewhat rubbery, and makes a bit of a squeaking noise as it makes contact with the nail. Just a few swipes and your nails will GLEAM!

Not only is this buffer perfect for those times when you can't, or don't want to, wear nail polish, it makes polish go on incredibly smoothly as well. My signature Kennebunk-port manicures have never had such a glassy finish. $3, friends. Pocket change well spent!