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Friday, October 10, 2008

Shower Indulgences for Every Budget

Longtime readers will know that L'Occitane's Amande Shower Oil is one of my all-time favorite beauty products. Moisturizing in the winter, not too greasy in the summer, it's the perfect shower companion. It cleanses, it moisturizes, it gives a fabulous shave, and it smells utterly delicious. I love it so much that I always keep several full-size and travel-size bottles around the house. It's frequently included in Christmas gifts to my girlfriends.

If it's ever discontinued, I'm calling up the company and having them send over their entire remaining stock.

A few months ago, a new player came on the scene: Molton Brown Intoxicating Davana Blossom Foaming Bath Oil. At $67 for 300 ml, it's quite an indulgence, but it stole my heart just as quickly as the L'Occitane. There's just something about these foaming/creamy oils; the texture is gorgeous, and they really do leave your skin feeling moisturized. And the scent of the Molton Brown version? Incredible.

But I'll admit, the price kept me from using it with such reckless abandon as the L'Occitane. (The Amande Shower Oil is not exactly cheap at $22, but it's certainly more palatable than $67.)

But now, there's an oil-to-cream body wash that you can afford to practically douse yourself in. It's from Bath and Body Works, and the quality is surprisingly up to par with its more expensive counterparts. No kidding. At $12 for 6oz, it's one of those cheapie indulgences that everyone could use right about now.

The Oil to Cream Warming Body Wash is available in four of B&BW's heavier scents -- Sensual Amber, Midnight Pomegranate, Black Amethyst, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Black Amethyst is a bit too heavy-handed for me (I think I recently described it as "too purple"), but the Japanese Cherry Blossom is just gorgeous. The scent, especially in this oil form, shares some similarities with the MB Intoxicating Davana Blossom, but at a fraction of the price.

So whatever your budget, there's a delicious creamy shower oil waiting for you. If you haven't yet tried any, you don't know what you're missing!