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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fragrance Deja Vu With Marc Jacobs

Longtime readers know I'm absolutely obsessed with Marc Jacobs splashes -- the Cucumber one famously charmed the cops, and the Amber, Rain, and Violet varieties took up residence in my fragrance cabinet when I discovered them in a marked down gift set at the Neiman outlet.

The new crop of splashes includes Gardenia (lighter and cleaner than the original Marc Jacobs perfume), Fig, and a reissue of Rain. I recently had a whiff of Fig, and couldn't stop sniffing my wrist.

Marc Jacobs Fig is clean and dry, with a citrusy opening and a woody base (notes include Yuzu zest, Tuscan cypress, and fig). It isn't really girly at all, but still smells right at home on a woman somehow -- that perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

But what really kept nose glued to wrist was that Fig smelled incredibly familiar, although I couldn't place it. Something already in my collection? No. Ex-boyfriend? No. I just couldn't put my finger on it, until later that evening when it finally hit me that the smell-alike had come from Target, of all places.

Fig bears a striking resemblance to Boots Mediterranean Bergamot, Orange and Olive Bath Cream, a delicious bath and shower product that I'd fallen in love with last year. It makes sense -- both have a decidedly mediterranean flavor and a unisex sensibility.

So, if you've been hooked on the Bergamot, Orange and Olive range, get out there and treat yourself to a bottle of Fig! Or, if you love Fig and want some bath and body products to layer with it, you know where to look -- and the Boots goodies are undoubtedly much cheaper than MJ would charge for a bath and body range. Major score!