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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get Baked with Urban Decay

Friends, I am on SUCH an Urban Decay kick lately! (Check out this recent post, and this one, and this one.)

My latest obsession is the Get Baked Palette ($28). First off, the palette itself is adorable, with a brown floral, '60s mod cover and an aqua interior.

Inside you'll find four shimmer-packed shadows, a fabulous 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, and a mini Primer Potion in Sin.

The shadows work really well together -- Twice Baked is a medium chocolate brown, Half Baked is medium coppery gold, Flipside is best described as "electric pool," and Baked is, of course, the iconic copper bronze. All are very shimmery and apply super-smooth, with great pigment, texture, and depth of color.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon is a chocolate brown with a bit of shimmer. I LOVE the texture and staying power of the 24/7 pencils; they have a smooth gel texture and really hang on to your lids.

Primer Potion in Sin is a champagne shimmer version of the original. When I first tried this (on my hand) I wasn't thrilled, but it turns out my hand was just super-dry that day and the primer sunk into all the little lines on the back of my hand. Second time around was a much better go, and it looks great on lids. Perfect wash of neutral color as a base for other shadows, and it makes a great highlight shade on its own, left to peek through on browbones and inner corners.

This palette will work particularly well on warmer skin tones -- or cool skin tones that are lucky enough to be tan this summer (self-tan for face is such a betch, isn't it? Look for a future post on that, one of my favorite topics).

Best of all, it'll only set you back $28 -- not bad for four shadows, a liner, and a mini primer!