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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tiny Treats: VS Mini Hand Sanitizers

Longtime readers will know that I have a major weakness for hand sanitizers (the alcohol-based ones, I should note, not the triclosan-based ones that supposedly contribute to the development of superbugs).

Anyhow, yeah, obsessed. Especially with hand sanitizers that smell nice and come in wee little bottles that I can throw in all my purses and stash all around the house and office.

Last year I discovered the PocketBacs at Bath & Body Works, and after an initial impulse buy, I went on to collect multiple bottles of each scent, including the limited edition holiday versions, which I treated like rare coins ("Do you see that? It's a VANILLA BEAN NOEL HAND SANITIZER and YOU CAN'T GET IT ANYMORE!!! So you can only have a little.").

Well now I'm really in for it, because Victoria's Secret has just introduced a line of hand sanitizers in some of their most popular Secret Garden scents -- Love Spell, Pure Seduction, Berry Kiss, and Amber Romance. And in addition to the standard 4.2 oz size, they're available in - you guessed it - minis. The adorable little 1 oz bottles are $3.50 each, or 3 for $6.

I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth by asking this, but where are Vanilla Lace and Pear Glace? I was all about that Vanilla Lace in high school, and since I just had my 10 year reunion, I'm feeling nostalgic.

But for now, I'll gladly snap up the existing four!