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Monday, October 05, 2009

The Bath & Body Works Report

Longtime readers know that I occasionally become obsessed with Bath & Body Works. This usually occurs when I'm rebounding from higher-priced brands like Jo Malone, and presents itself as follows: I buy too much, I cannot stay off the website, I cannot stay out of the store, and sometimes I even visit multiple locations, lest the salespeople at my usual store think that I am a stalker freak.

Fact: There is no Bath & Body Works in Hawaii.

So what do you think happened when I came home? Yep, a full-on obsessive period. I can't help it! There's ALWAYS something new, there's ALWAYS a coupon or a sale, and I can get out of there with a huge bag of goodies for $50! If I ever show up on Intervention: Hoarders, it'll be because of Bath & Body Works. Anyhow, here's a little recap of my latest findings:

Warm Milk & Honey is back! This limited-edition scent was by far my all-time favorite of the Aromatherapy collection, and now it has returned. (Check out last year's review to find out why I was so obsessed.) Unfortunately, the cute, starry-night packaging hasn't returned with it; it now looks like all the other Aromatherapy Sleep items. Oh, and there's no massage oil, either. Boo. I'll just have to be happy with the lotion, shower gel and pillow mist.

The new Perfect Autumn scent, Ginger Vanilla, is awesome. Smells like a gingerbread house for grown-ups, and the packaging is super cute. I picked up the Soap & Lotion Caddy, the Scentport, and a candle. And some for emergency gifts, too, although I'll probably use them up before I get the chance to gift them.

BBW seems to be cashing in on Edward & Jacob mania with its latest scent, Twilight Woods. Haven't sniffed this one yet - so far it's only available in a mini lotion - but I hear it's warmer and spicier than many of its predecessors. Here's hoping.

In smell-alike news, Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals fame is launching a fragrance line. It has nothing to do with Bath & Body Works, but the first scent, Bare Skin, smells nearly identical to Slatkin & Co Sandalwood Vanilla, which is currently only available as a home fragrance. Definitely not my favorite of the bunch, but if you like Sandalwood Vanilla and wish you could have it in fragrance form, now you can.