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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CLEAN Hair Fragrance & Friends

Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of CLEAN perfume; I like the idea of the "just out of the shower" smell, but there's something sharp in the opening of the fragrance that I just couldn't stomach. (I do like to keep some around to spray on my linens, though.)

However, the ancillary products that carry the CLEAN name are fabulous. In particular, the Shampoo Fresh Hair Fragrance is a must-have; it's a lifesaver for second- (or third-) day hair, or locks that have been exposed to smoke, pollution, or just too many parties.

I've written about it twice before (see this post and this one), and it's worth a fresh mention since it's now available in a set.

The CLEAN gift set combines a full-size hair fragrance (6.0 oz) with a 2.14 eau de parfum spray and a 2.0 oz Soft Body Lotion, for $49. The hair fragrance alone is $39, so for an extra $10 you're getting a full-size edp and a conveniently-sized body lotion (which is another excellent product, by the way...softer and lighter than the perfume).

So even if you're not a fan of the original perfume spray, hang on to the hair fragrance and the body lotion, and donate or gift away the perfume - everyone knows someone who loves it, and it's not cheap...the full retail value of this set is $126!

Or, just keep it around to spray on your sheets. I like a couple of spritzes as I'm making my bed in the morning; when I get home at night and crawl in, it just smells soft, clean and inviting.

The CLEAN gift set is a limited edition item and available on for $49.