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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Move Over, Creme de Coco

Remember my near-religious devotion to Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco Masque? Well, I'm still one of the faithful, but Creme de Coco is now sharing shower space with another Bb conditioner.

Bumble and bumble Deeep has joined the lofty ranks of my holy grail hair products. I was picking up a fresh tube of Creme de Coco one day when I spotted a mini-tube of Deeep sitting next to it. I took it with me on a weekend trip and fell in love.

When I wrote about Creme de Coco, a few of you commented that you just can't stomach the smell of coconut. Well, you certainly won't have that problem with Deeep. It does smell a bit strong, but in a good way -- clean and fresh, like just-washed hair, for lack of a better term. And the scent lasts! I love grabbing locks of my hair during the day and sniffing them (when no one's looking, of course).

Bb says to use Deeep once a week, but when my hair's feeling especially crispy, I treat it to this delicious conditioner up to three times a week. It's incredibly moisturizing, and makes my hair feel wonderfully soft and smooth -- and I don't experience as much build-up as I have with other deep conditioners.

Totally worth the $25 for a 5 oz tube, which will last longer than you'd think.