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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Little Piece of Paradise at The Body Shop

Another post about The Body Shop! (For now.) A few of you commented that you always pass it by and rarely go in - and the same goes for me. However, I think that'll soon be changing, as they really do have some lovely things in-store these days. And this one's truly a keeper, although it isn't exactly new.

If you feel a case of the winter blahs coming on, and need to transport yourself someplace tropical and tranquil without actually getting on a plane, there's something you really should consider picking up. I promise, an $8 investment for a small jar will do your body good.

Moringa Body Butter - and anything from the Moringa line, for that matter - smells exactly like a beautiful, fragrant Hawaiian lei. The kind made of fresh plumeria and pikake flowers, preferably presented to you by someone who's waiting to pick you up at the Honolulu airport (or maybe that part's just for me?).

In any case, Moringa, The Body Shop's first floral body butter, is a delicious mix of white flowers that's pretty much guaranteed to bring you straight back to summer vacation in a jiffy. And the super-moisturizing body butter will banish that scaly winter skin just as fast.

But if body butter's not your speed, there's also body scrub, foaming bath, soap, and body lotion. Close your eyes, breathe it in, and imagine yourself on the beach with tropical flowers in your hair!