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Monday, August 09, 2010

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Jane Iredale Chocoholicks

I was sent these delicious Jane Iredale Chocoholicks lip glosses late last year to review, but thanks to my prolonged hiatus, I didn't get a chance to. However, just because they're not "new" anymore doesn't mean they're not worth a mention!

Friends, these glosses are little pots of DELICIOUSNESS. They're packaged like a little box of special truffles, each seated in a wee paper cup. Each of the four - Truffle, Strawberry Cream, Caramel and Chocolate Orange - is absolutely delicious and adds a touch of color and shimmer.

I must say, these Chocoholicks glosses pack quite a punch. They're noticeably scented and flavored, and are much more true to life than the beloved Latte and Caramel Lip Smackers of my youth.

My absolute favorite of the four is Chocolate Orange, which I could apply and "eat" all day. I haven't found a chocolate orange beauty product this good since Fresh Chocolate Orange Shea Butter, which I believe is out of production. This gloss fills that void quite nicely, with the added benefit of it actually being flavored.

The only drawback is that these glosses are just the slightest bit grainy, but with heavenly scents like these, I'm happy to overlook it.

Jane Iredale Chocoholicks lip gloss set can be found at Amazon for $40. Not cheap, but it's worth it - and would make a great gift!