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Monday, August 07, 2006

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

"The first rule of eye makeup is that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow."

- Jamie Lee Curtis as Shelly, in
My Girl

My Girl was set in 1972, and we all know now that there certainly is such a thing as too much blue eye shadow. It's arguable that no other single cosmetic item was responsible more heinous crimes against good sense, and good style, in decades past. It made a comeback in the 80s - in frosted form, of course - but now it seems that blue shadow is verboten in the beauty world.

However, after seeing such unimaginable things as Goth Bette Davis and Geisha Joan Crawford and I'm ready to throw all the "rules" out the window.

I like blue eye shadow.

In the wrong hands, it can be horrific, but there are indeed ways to wear it that won't make you look like you're stuck in the wrong decade. It CAN be done! And if you're sick of your usual taupe routine, read on. From ice blue to deep sapphire to navy, there are blues out there that are gorgeous, not garish. Just ask another superfine blogger, who I know is a huge fan of MAC Parrot shadow (which is more of a teal, but it still counts). So let's take a look at three shades that give a new meaning to "Ol' Blue Eyes:"

NARS Single Eye Shadow in Heart of Glass is a gorgeous shimmery ice blue, nearly white. It would look perfect as a highlight shade in summer or winter, on blue or brown eyes (I only hesitate to recommend it for fall since the fall palettes are leaning either toward the berries or the warm rosy neutrals). Heart of Glass makes your whole eye area sparkle and is an interesting alternative to more traditional pale shimmery shadows like white or ivory.

Lancome Colour Design Eye Shadow in Garment is a deep, deep sapphire in the pot, but on eyes, it takes on a smoky, charcoal-y quality that makes it perfect for lining or adding a bit of drama. Lucia at Lancome used this on top of my beloved Blueberry Artliner and while I thought it would be overkill, I loved it. It is much more versatile than it appears in the pot, and makes blue and brown eyes look bright and alluring.

Laura Mercier Eye Colour in Deep Night is a nearly-black navy. It's a great alternative to the traditional grey smoky eye, and when used wet, it makes an amazing liner. The staying power of this shadow is phenomenal, and its deep navy hue makes it the most versatile and wearable of the three mentioned in this post. It's almost black but not quite - just enough of a twist to pull you out of that eye makeup rut.