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Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Thin Line Between Pink and Brown

Back in November I wrote a piece that laid bare all the positive aspects of...gasp! lip liner! You can go back and read that post for my full thoughts on the subject, but the fact is, people don't always like to admit that they use lip liner. But most people also need it every now and again.

One of my favorites, as mentioned in the post, is Clinique Pink Truffle. But there's another favorite, that I've talked about before on this blog...Urban Decay Lounge. Lounge is lighter than Pink Truffle and thus works with more shades. It looks like the color of naturally pink lips, without a tinge of orange or brown (needless to say, if your lips are tan or brown, this one's not for you, unless you're doing a pink lip look). The description says it is Pink/Brown, but this is a falsehood. It is dusty pink, and much more so than the Illegal shade which claims to be "universal, soft neutral pink."

I used to hoard these lip pencils, but then they seemed to start disappearing, going the way of stray earrings, packs of gum, and orphan socks. One day when all the socks eaten up by all the dryers in the world are recovered, my lost Lounge pencils will show up, too. I know it.

But the point is, now I have no Lounge left. It had been discontinued a while back so I had no hopes of finding it again, but is STILL available in the R.I.P. section of Urban Decay's site. I just ordered three.

Urban Decay urged me to "Wait! Just add $33 more to your order for FREE USPS Priority Shipping!" I was going to throw some Primer Potion in the cart and then I realized, wait, I actually won't be needing that for a while.