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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summer Essentials: Made for Walkin'

Well, it seems like I hit on a good idea with this Summer Essentials thing! We'll start with how to get sandal-worthy feet; look for more posts over the next few days on Scents, Hair, Face, and Sun.

A professional pedicure is definitely the easiest and fastest way to get your feet in tip-top shape for summer. However, be careful when choosing your salon - those that use whirlpool tubs for pedicures can put you at risk for a nasty, nasty staph infection (go over and see Christina at eBeautyDaily about this; she has all the info).

For home pedicures or in-between touch-ups, invest in a good foot file in addition to all your regular manicure provisions like a nail file/buffer, clippers, and cuticle scissors/nippers if you're really picky like me and can't help but cut your cuticles. I won't go through a whole pedicure routine here, but you can find one here courtesy of Marie Claire.

Now here's something that's definitely an essential: Philosophy Soul Owner. This high-powered foot cream has salicylic and glycolic acids to exfoliate dry, rough skin, and eucalyptus to keep your feet cool and comfortable. For a quick pick-me-up, try ModelCo's Cool Feet Airbrush Catwalk Heels, another standout from the company that brought us Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiser and Skin Drink Airbrush Moisturiser. This one is packed with menthol, papaya, bamboo and peppermint, and is available in a mini size to throw in your bag, or full size to keep at home. There's no better treat on a hot day if you've been out trekking around!

As for polish, it's so hard to choose! The only guideline I like to follow for summer toes is to stay away from the really pale shades, which sometimes yellow in the sun, especially when there's sunscreen involved. Here are a few bright ones that I love from Essie:

From left: Boat House, Castaway, Caliente, Watermelon. Not pictured, but also adored: Really Red and Geranium from Essie; I'm Not Really A Waitress from OPI; Schiap from NARS. Schiap is a true Schiaparelli pink (what my grandmother would call "shocking pink") and looks great with a tan.

DuWop's Toe Polish is also a great choice - it contains tee tree oil which prevents unsavory fungus from finding its way into your nails. It won't discolor your nails, so there's no need for a base coat, allowing the tea tree oil to do its job.

Now, the perfect flip flop! Here are some of my favorites, all available at Clockwise from left: good old Havaianas - comfortable, cheap, Brazilian, and available in tons of colors; India sandals by Dolce Vita; Waterleaf sandals by Yellow Box; and of course, the aforementioned Jack Rogers sandals. These are available in myriad color combinations, with no heel, a low stacked heel, or a dressy 3" heel. The full collections can be found at Jildor Shoes and Snappy Turtle.