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Monday, February 11, 2008

Rollin' With Michael Kors

Last holiday season, I was completely obsessed with solid perfumes. I wrote about so many of them that eventually I had to give them their own category on the blog! Whether embellished or plain, hidden in a ring or dipped in gold, I wanted them ALL.

That fever has now subsided (well, only a little), but I've moved on to yet another perfume-related addiction: rollerballs.

Rollerballs are perfect for travel (they can go in your carry-on, and they don't spill), they're compact, and they're discreet. You can reapply in the cab right before a hot date and not end up spritzing the driver (although most cabs could use a little air freshening).

So it's a no-brainer that I'm in love with this new gift set from Michael Kors which arrived from the company just in time for Valentine's Day. Michael Kors With Love comes with THREE rollerball fragrances - Eau de Toilette (light), Eau de Parfum (stronger), and new, limited edition Very Michael Kors (packs a real punch). Very Michael Kors is a little much for me, but the other two are fab - in fact, I'd been wearing the Eau de Parfum for years, so it's great to have it in another format.

The original Michael Kors is easily my favorite of all the scents released by the house (while Island Capri was nice, I far prefer Michael Kors to any of the Island series). I'm even a rabid fan of the scented leg shine. The tuberose gives it this beachy feel, but it's still elegant and sophisticated. Notes include freesia, tamarind, chinese osmanthus, incense, fresh tuberose, peony, blue orris, arum lilies, cashmere woods, musk, and vetiver Haiti.

Michael Kors With Love would make a perfect Valentine's gift, although your guy will never see it on the shelf - the packaging is beige and white and it's a pretty small box. So treat yourself instead!