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Monday, July 14, 2008

Antiperspirant is Totally a Scented Body Product, Right?

OK...this post has high potential for being one of the most cheesetastic I've ever written. Why? Because it's about about deodorant.

But since my fabric softener post was so well-received, I figured you wouldn't think I was totally nuts if I posted about another seemingly mundane topic -- my latest antiperspirant obsession.

First off, let's all admit that we secretly uncap all the new goodies in the antiperspirant aisle and take a sniff. Some of them are totally awful, but still, I've been enjoying the expanding scent horizons of the antiperspirant market over the past few years. It's nice to have something to choose from apart from Powder, Floral, Fresh, and Unscented, no?

I've been loving Secret Platinum Scent Expressions in Kuku Coco Butter. The scent has what's probably one of the worst names ever conceived, since it doesn't really smell like coconut or cocoa butter. I looked up Kuku, thinking it was some kind of tropical fruit, and apparently it's the name of an ethnic group in the southern Sudan. The Secret website seems to ignore that, choosing instead to reference "Caribbean folk music" when describing the scent. So yeah, maybe the name needs work.

But the scent? Awesome. It's a ringer for Philosophy's Surfer Girl goodies, smelling deliciously of pineapples and tropical fruit salad. (The Secret website describes it as sweet chocolate and warm vanilla which, in my book, is completely inaccurate.)

I've even abandoned my previous favorite, Dove Cool Essentials, for this Kuku madness. Every time I use it I want to break out my Philosophy Surfer Girl lotion and slather myself in tropical pineapple goodness. So next time you're wandering around your local CVS or Walgreens, pop over to the Secret display and take a sniff.