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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Chronicles of No-nia: Week 5

Last month I introduced you to the no!no!, the hair removal gadget that promises professional-grade results...over time. This is week 5 of an 8-week review and testing period.

OK, this is getting boring. Still using the no!no!. Still complaining about it. Still pondering my legs daily and wondering if I'm seeing "results."

A kind Sephora employee commented on last week's post and cleared up a misconception about the no!no!. According to a recent Sephora training session, the no!no! does NOT produce permanent results. You'd have to continue using it indefinitely to maintain your results. Click here to read her full explanation.

I went back and read the no!no! website a little more carefully, and indeed, it indicates that the results are not permanent. Then what, may I ask, are the "professional results" that this little gadget promises? Why should I even stick with the program only to be rewarded with years and years of indentured servitude to the no!no! just for upkeep?

Honestly, it's more complicated than shaving, it takes longer than shaving, and if you have to buy replacement "blades" every month, it's pretty much on par in the price arena. (You should know that the Sephora site says the blades will last 2-3 months, while the no!no! sites says they last ONE MONTH.) Not to mention that the immediate results aren't even as good as shaving; even the instructional materials tell you that you may have to supplement the no!no! treatments with shaving.

If I only had to commit to a few months of this for hair-free (or close to hair-free) legs for life, I'd gladly do it. But if I have to carve out 30 minutes 3 times a week for the rest of my life, worry about how gross my apartment smells afterward, and have to deal with a replacement process that's more complicated than walking into any drugstore, NO THANKS.

Still, I'll continue to use the no!no! and will report back on my results as promised. Who knows, a year from now I could be eating my words. But I doubt it.

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