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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Which New Collection is Giving You Spring Fever?

It's barely even February and we've already looked at nine Spring 2008 color stories! I don't know about you, but all this talk of Spring has got me yearning for warmer weather. Let's take a look back at everything we've seen so far:

Way back in October we previewed Shiseido's Spring 2008 collection, which featured the unbeatable Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in FOUR new shades! I've already been wearing Lemon Sugar and Rose Tulle nonstop.

When the new year rolled in, the tide of spring collections really opened up, with Prescriptives The Technotropics and Chanel (did you rush out to buy Blue Satin? I didn't...I'm already over the navy nails and thought Chanel was kinda late to the party).

Bobbi Brown Pink Raspberry brought yet another showstopping palette. NARS confused everyone, showing two different versions of the Shanghai Lily collection on the NARS and Sephora websites. Laura Mercier brought us to-die-for eyeshadow quads in the Seduction collection, along with two highly coveted nail colors and 4 rather odd liquid liners.

Then the MAC N Collection stormed in, coating everyone's eyes and lips in wearable neutrals - even if one of them did look like the dreaded Matte Toast - quite a departure from the brights we'd seen in some of the other collections. Clinique Nude Blush followed suit with lovely matte eyeshadows and new lipstick shades that sent Butter Shine addicts over the moon.

Finally, we saw the unveiling of Gucci Westman's final collection for Lancome, L.U.C.I., featuring all manner of high-tech light effects, opalescent pigments, and of the coolest eye shadow duos I've ever seen.

I'm sure there's more Spring goodness on the way, but for now, tell us...